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Mild-mannered scientists, editors and office workers by day . . . by night, we are the Pork Filled Players! Since 1997, the Pork Filled Players has been redefining Asian American humor for audiences of every race, creed and gender. PFP is one of the most diverse sketch comedy groups in Seattle, featuring an awesome majority of female writers and performers, blending their unique brand of nerdish humor with maximum tongue-in-cheekiness and an Amazing Kung-Fu Grip!




Ensemble: Brian Beckley, Matt Dela Cruz, Agastya Kohli, Narea Kang, Maggie Lee, May Nguyen, Melissa Slaughter, Roger Tang, Brad Walker, Owen Yen, Yvette Zaepfel

For more information, give us a shout at: oink [at] porkfilled.com

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