Ante Up for A HAND OF TALONS Kickstarter

Our cast and director have been hard at work at rehearsal, our marketing team is spreading the word far and wide about the show, the designers are at their drawing boards creating our sets, props, and costumes… and all we need now is YOUR support to get A Hand of Talons on its feet!
PFP has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $3,500 to help with space rental costs, and to increase our budgets for costumes, props, and sets. Being a fringe theatre company, we are old hands at stretching our pennies to put on the best show we possibly can. But with your help, we will be able expand our vision for the play to create a truly spectacular theatrical experience!
We have some smashing backer rewards available, including poster giveaways, VIP tickets with reserved seating, exclusive backstage tours, and maybe even your name as a part of our play! Also, thanks to the power of Shunpike, a portion of your donation is tax deductible.
Our Kickstarter campaign ends in just three weeks on Wednesday, April 13, so don’t delay! Support our Kickstarter today!
Bernie (Jenn Ruzumna) faces off against Delphine (Mariko Kita) in an intense battle of wills. Can’t wait to see these ladies in full steampunk attire! Photo by Joe Iano Photography.
Poor Lawrence (Ben Burris) can’t seem to find a secure place to hide his fan. Help us build a better Secret Wall Safe by supporting our Kickstarter! Photo by Joe Iano Photography.