A Hand of Talons a Hit with Critics and Audience Alike

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Opening Weekend and made it a smashing success! A Hand of Talons is off to a great start, drawing raves from all sides!
Theater critic Michael Strangeways writes:
A Hand of Talons is a very clever play. Maggie Lee has done an exceptional job of creating a very layered, intricate and complex world.
…It’s also a handsome production with some very impressive design work including its only set, the Fortuna Mews office…It’s a superb design from Brandon Estrella and probably even more impressive considering Pork Filled Productions doesn’t have massive amounts of money to spend. (It’s the kind of set you’d like to live in.) Equally rich looking are the gorgeous steampunked fashions by Jocelyne Fowler. Not to mention the evocative lighting design by Tess Malone and sound design by Joseph Swartz.
…There’s also some strong acting talent on that stage led by Stephanie Kim-Bryan’s work as the central figure Wilhemina…It’s a very assured confident performance.
…If you like entering mysteriously clever new worlds, then A Hand of Talons is a must see event.
Read the whole review at Seattle Gay Scene here.
Wilhelmina (Stephanie Kim-Bryan) and Lin (Kenna Kettrick) pledge to uphold the honor of Yao clan.
Audience members were also enraptured with this thrilling new tale down the dark alleys of New Providence:
“Intrigue, family infighting, and a bit of unrequited love. You’ll be in for a terrific couple of hours at the edge of your seat. Oh, and those costumes once again – GORGEOUS!”
“SO GREAT and also so different in feeling and tone from the previous two (which I loved) but still playful and fun.”
“Hey, YOU! You like great theatre with strong direction and a fantastic cast, right? I heard you also enjoy slick and exciting crime dramas too. Then go see this show! Heck, I’d like to see it again; I’ll go with you!”
“DAMN. Y’all who are going to see this show – you are in for a TREAT.”
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