Big Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love (2007)


The Northwest Premiere of a play by Prince Gomolvilas.

The Play

A romantic comedy about family curses, Thai brides and
spontaneous human combustion, Big Hunk centers on Winston, a single Thai American man who must beat a different biological clock—get married by age 30 (four days away!) or be doomed to burst into flames! As each day passes, Winston feels the pressure from his kooky parents, his acerbic best friend, his troubled ex-girlfriend and a teenaged Thai mail order bride.

The Cast

Winston — Jose Abaoag
Nick — Christian Ver
Mom — Leilani Berinobis
Dad — Daniel Arreola
Noi — Elizabeth Daruthayan
Sylvia — Kellen Kaiser

The Crew

Written by: Prince Gomolvilas
Directed by: Miko Premo
Producer/Sound designer: Roger Tang
Stage manager: Rachel Foote
Technical director/Lighting designer: Courtland Premo
Assistant producer: Toni Rose
Language coach: Rungroj Muanggan
Executive producers: Edward T. Tonai and Maggie Lee

The Press

2.6 CRW_0427“One can’t help but root for the actors, for the characters and for Winston in this unconventionally romantic tale.”
— Seattle Times


2.2 CRW_0466“In short, it’s a play worth seeing, especially if you’re already a fan of PFP. And if you’re not, this is a good chance to see them really stretch their acting muscle. I only hope this venture is something they’ll continue doing, because I liked what I saw.”
— Seattle Gay News

1.3 CRW_0334“I can’t imagine anyone hailing from a traditional background—Baptist, Jewish, Korean, whichever—and not liking this peppy play at least a little bit. Poking fun at Thai-American (or, really, any conservative) culture, Big Hunk takes the familiar theme of parents’ hysteria over an unmarried child and gives it a metaphoric boost. ”
— The Stranger

“Berino1.8 CRW_0344bis steals every scene that she is in, whether plotting with Noi (Elizabeth Daruthayan) about how to get Winston married or demonstrating the “Clapper” that she’s just installed in
their house…While the play concentrates on Winston and his ambivalence about marriage Thai style, playwright Prince Gomolvilas has a nice light touch and an appealing plot reminiscent of the “Sex in Seattle” episodes.”
Capitol Hill Times

2.6 CRW_0427“On top of everything, the Pork Filled Players add another dimension by sprinkling interesting nuggets of cultural information into the play. These tidbits were integrated seamlessly into Prince Gomolvilas’ script and in no way were they overbearing or tinged with that ‘educational’ feel.”
Northwest Asian Weekly

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