Fast Company (2014)

The Pacific Northwest Premiere of a play by Carla Ching
Winner, Footlight Award (Seattle Times)

The Play

When cons are the family business, watch your back—because it’s not just about the score, it’s about who you can trust! Pork Filled Productions is proud to present the Northwest premiere of Fast Company by Carla Ching, directed by Amy Poisson (These Streets, The Clockwork Professor), at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S., Seattle), from November 1 to 22, 2014.

Meet the Kwans: a Chinese American family of expert con artists, grifters and thieves. But when daughter Blue masterminds the job of the decade stealing the world’s most valuable comic book, it might just spell disaster for the whole family, including her brothers Francis and H, and their mother Mable. Pitting new game theory against old-school cons, truth against illusion, and family bonds against betrayal, it’s a race to see who will come out on top in this fun, stylish crime caper.

The Cast

H — Brad Walker
Blue — Sara Porkalob
Francis — Kevin Lin
Mable — Mariko Kita

The Crew

Written by: Carla Ching
Directed by: Amy Poisson
Assistant directed by: Maggie Lee
Stage managed by: Michael Massey
Assistant stage managed by: Mattie Voorheis
Light board operators:Rebekah Boroughs and Lexi Moerdomo
Sets & props designer: Robin Macartney
Projection designer: Michael Stephens
Lighting designer: Emily Leong
Sound designer: Johanna Melamed
Costume coordinator: Jocelyne Fowler
Fight choreographer: May Nguyen
Poster designer: Troy Tsuchikawa
Production photography: Joe Iano Photography
Producers: Narea Kang, Maggie Lee, May Nguyen, and Roger Tang

The Press

IANO_20141030_201354_DSC_8550Misha Berson named Fast Company one of the top plays on smaller stages in her 2014 Footlight Awards for the Seattle Times!




“These Chinese-American blood relations engage, for our amusement and occasional amazement, in an intricately plotted and neurosis-filled caper…Ching (a writer on TV’s Graceland) has a flair for crackling noirish dialogue…Under Amy Poisson’s crisp direction, on a minimal set “fleshed” out with projections, the committed cast stays on point…”
Seattle Times

list IMG_2933Plus a lengthy feature story on the show and the playwright!


 The Crowd

“If you get the chance, you must see Fast Company. It’s happening at ToJ and is quite fantastic. Kevin Lin, Brad Walker, Amy Poisson and the other performers were a delight. It’s like the Inception of Con Artistry.”

Fast Company at Theater Off Jackson is a fast paced, cinematic, heavily entertaining new play that everyone should go see. Anyone who is into suspense/action movies will be intrigued. And of course Sara Porkalob is in it…so why wouldn’t you go?…”

“Get conned and have fun. And come see this play.”

“Saw Fast Company last night (opening night, no less) and it was great, Quick paced, many great reveals, and fine acting.”

“Pork Filled Productions strikes again! Fun romp with just enough scenery chewing…keeps one engaged and guessing right up through the final reveal.”

“It was a lot of fun. Well done. I love caper stories.”

“Loooooooved it!”


“Clever plot twists, fun production elements by Amy Poisson, and lively, layered performances by Mariko Kita, Brad Walker, Kevin Lin and Sara Porkalob. ”



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