Science Fiction Comes to the Stage With These UNLEASHED Playwrights! 

Rounding out our line-up of Unleashed playwrights are Greg Lam and Darren Canady,coming to us from Boston and Kansas. Their tales sit squarely in the tradition of cerebral science fiction, asking “what if?” questions and following the consequences in an exciting and thoughtful way.
Repossessed asks one married couple: if you had the power to edit your personality to “improve” it, would that be the ultimate key to happiness? And can two edited personalities ever really feel love? Reparations asks an African American family: if technology were able to unlock trauma seared into your DNA and bring to light acts of oppression against your ancestors, would you open that Pandora’s box? Even if it revealed shocking answers to secrets long buried?
Check out these two nights of innovative science fiction theatre! Tickets available at

Greg Lam (Repossessed)

Greg Lam is a playwright, screenwriter, and board game designer who lives in the Boston area. Greg was a member of the 2016 Company One Playlab for the development of Boston area playwrights. His plays are scheduled to be read at Fresh Ink Theatre, Pork Filled Players, and The Depot.
What’s Repossessed about?
A married couple discover that their seemingly happy marriage was actually manufactured and implanted in their minds via a new technology they can no longer afford. Through the repossession of the last five years of their lives, they discover the extent that they’re willing to buy and sell their identities.
What inspired you to write this play?
Believe it or not, this started as a 10 minute play inspired by early Radiolab podcasts. In the first seasons they were heavily invested in exploring the mysteries of the human mind, about perception and neurology, making the case that human consciousness was more fungible than we generally think of it. So I imagined the case in which people discover that major parts of their identity weren’t as they believed. I kept writing disconnected scenes set in this universe exploring the world building as I pleased without a grand plan. I did this until I felt I had enough material to make a full play, which is what you will see today.
What kind of theatre excites you?
I like theatre that takes advantage of the entire medium. The live performance aspect, the settings whether one set that you inhabit or whether they figure out a way to move nimbly from place to place, the heightened language, the crowd response. I want there to be a compelling reason that it’s a play and not a movie or a book, something you can’t get anywhere else.
What or who inspires you?
I’ve discovered that I like taking one type of media and mashing it up with another type of media. Playwriting, screenwriting for TV and movies, graphic novels, fiction, oral storytelling, podcasting, webseries, game design. Each of those have aspects that people think are its strong suit, but I think interesting things happen when you take the strengths of one medium and translate it into another medium.
What are your upcoming projects?
In addition to playwriting, Greg is the co-creator and host of a podcast called “Boston Podcast Players” which presents excerpted readings of new full length plays by and interviews with Boston playwrights. This podcast debuted in July of this year, and is available on iTunes and other podcast players. For more information, see He has also published a children’s book called In Other Words which is stuffed with words that sound like other words but don’t mean the same thing at all. All of his projects can be seen

Darren Canady (Reparations)

Darren Canady’s work has been seen at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, the Alliance Theatre, Horizon Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Fremont Centre Theatre, Congo Square Theatre, the BE Company, American Blues Theater, KC Rep, and Kansas City’s Barn Theater. Darren is an alum of Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, and the Juilliard School. He is a former member of Primary Stages’ Dorothy Strelsin New Writers Group, the T.S. Eliot US/UK Exchange, and the America-In-Play theatre collective. He currently teaches playwriting at the University of Kansas.
What’s Reparations about?
Rory’s life is a classic Great Plains dead-end: a job she hates, a sick grandmother who depends on her, and dreams that just can’t seem to materialize. However, a new technology developed to help humans harness the power of their own blood to re-live history promises to give Rory the chance to hit a major pay-day. But she’s completely unprepared for the shocking, divisive truth she uncovers, that stretches from society’s oppression of black people to the very personal injuries that families are forced to inflict on each other.
How did this play come about?
I wrote this play thinking about the instinctual ways my family members respond to violence or hardship. I would look around at my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and think about how there seemed to be just this…*knowledge* that was in us about survival – about processing pain. I made the mistake of thinking it was just some sort of feature of our identities; then I really started interrogating my family members about our origins. There were wonderful things, yes, but there was some real trauma back there. Trauma that we all picked up and carried around, even when we didn’t talk about what the source was. I realized we were marked with it – marked down through generations. REPARATIONS is my way of working through where all of that comes from.
What inspires you?
Right now, I’m inspired by a whole slew of folks from all sorts of disciplines with creative energies. Some are girls of color in incarceration centers I’ve worked with, some are fellow playwrights, some are social workers, some are my own students. I think the thing that unites them all is that they use creativity to survive and push for radical change. Many of them inspire me because they challenge my complacency and call out my complicity by calling us all to do more and be more in whatever environment we’re in. I’m blessed and convicted by encountering people like that on a nearly daily basis.
What’s up next?
Upcoming projects: in November, a short play of mine will be produced in Kansas City as part of a festival of work inspired by dystopian literature. My play, ONTARIO WAS HERE, about the struggles of two front line social workers, will have its premiere production at Atlanta’s Aurora Theatre. There will also be a brief remounting of my play about girls of color in incarceration facilities, BLACK BUTTERFLIES, in Oakland, CA later this year.

SAVE THE DATE! Unleashed! New Pulp Stories for the 21st Century! October 30th – November 4th!

Pork Filled Productions celebrates playwrights of color with Unleashed! New Pulp Stories for the 21st Century, a staged reading festival of seven new plays, produced in association with the Theatre Off Jackson, October 30 to November 4, 2017 at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S. in Seattle’s International District).

Top row: Lamar Legend, Celeste Mari Williams, Greg Lam, Darren Canady Bottom row: Kuan Foo, Roger Tang, Seayoung Yim



Special fundraiser screening of Attack The Block!

Pork Filled Productions presents a special fundraiser screening of ATTACK THE BLOCK at the Grand Illusion Cinema (1403 NE 50th St, Seattle) on Saturday, August 26 at 7pm. It’s one of our favorite genre-smashing, thrill-ride movies of all time, and we are so excited to bring this modern cult classic film back to the big screen for one night only!

Starring John Boyega, in his breakout role before he storm-troopered the universe in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Jodie Whittaker, who was recently announced to the world as the 13th Doctor, as well as a fierce and funny cast of diverse young actors!

ATTACK THE BLOCK is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen street gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a London housing project into a sci-fi battleground, the low-income apartment complex into a fortress under siege. And it turns a crazy mix of tough street kids into a team of kick ass heroes. It’s inner city versus outer space and it’s going to explode.

Tickets are $15, and include unlimited popcorn! A portion of all ticket sales will help fund our upcoming play reading festival Unleashed: New Pulp Stories for the 21st Century, which will feature exciting new genre plays by playwrights of color. So come on out and ATTACK THE BLOCK with PFP!

Tickets – $15:
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The Wong Kids Save the Universe at Dragon Fest

Space dragons! Super-powered siblings! And the Imminent End of the Universe! Join PFP at Dragon Fest for a FREE storytelling staged reading of The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go! by Lloyd Suh. There’s only one performance at 2pm on Saturday, July 15, at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S. in Seattle’s Chinatown International District) so don’t miss this exciting and heartwarming tale that’s perfect for the whole family!
Violet and Bruce Wong just don¹t fit in with the other Earth kids. Sure, they have superpowers, they’re just not very good ones. But when an evil beast called the Space Chupacabra appears, intent on universal destruction, The Wong Kids must travel to far reaches of outer space to stop it . . . if they can only stop bickering. Violet and Bruce ultimately realize that being different isn¹t just okay, it might just be the most important thing, like, ever.
Directed by Harry Todd Jamieson, The Wong Kids features the talents of PFP vets Brad Walker, Stephanie Kim-Bryan, Tadd Morgan and Kevin Lin, as well as newcomers Mi Kang and Rachel Guyer-Mafune!
“The Wong Kids” embeds its messages in fun, and its insistence on being extraordinary proves the upside of standing out. –NY Times
Dragon Fest is the largest pan-Asian celebration in the Northwest, held the weekend of July 15th and 16th in the heart of Seattle’s historic Chinatown-International District. The Dragon Fest event will feature non-stop cultural performances including Dragon and Lion dances, Traditional Korean drumming, martial arts demonstrations, the Chinese Girls Drill Team, and much, much, more!
The Wong Kids was first commissioned and produced by
Children’s Theatre Company – Minneapolis
Developed in the Ma-Yi Writers Lab, Ma-Yi Theater Company, NY
Produced by special arrangement with
Plays For Young Audiences

ThanksBIG to All of our GiveBIG Donors!

 A huge PFP roar of appreciation to everyone who supported us for the Seattle Foundation¹s GiveBIG campaign!
We raised over $2,000 on May 10, totally blowing away all of our expectations. With all of the hundreds of local non-profit organizations out there depending on community support, we truly appreciate the fact that so many of you chose to contribute to Pork Filled Productions.
Your donations help us stretch the boundaries of Asian American theatre by producing our unique brand of genre stories for diverse audiences. This fall, we are going further than ever with Unleashed! New Pulp Stories for the 21st Century, our staged reading festival of daring new works by playwrights of color!
Thank you again so much for your support!

This Fall, These Writers Will Be Unleashed!

PFP is pleased to announce the festival lineup for Unleashed! New Pulp Stories for the 21st Century!
These new play readings will embrace imagination and creativity beyond the tethers of our day-to-day world, including fantasy, science fiction, salty pirate tales, sword fights, zombie outbreaks, and so much more:
  • Mirror-Mirror by Lamar Legend (local Seattle writer)
  • Repossessed by Greg Lam
  • My Samurai, by Celeste Mari Williams (SIS Writers Group and Parley playwright)
  • Reparations, by Darren Canady
  • Blood Makes Noise, by Kuan Foo (head sketch writer for Assaulted Fish)
  • Dawn of the She Devil of the China Seas, by Roger Tang (yes, the Head Hawg!)
  • and Persimmon Nights, an original commissioned play by Seayoung Yim (Do it for Umma)
UNLEASHED will be at Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave S., Seattle) in Fall 2017! Look forward to more updates about the plays and the playwrights, as well as details on how you can purchase your tickets to the reading festival…coming soon!

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PFP and the Seattle Foundation team up on May 10, for GiveBIG, Seattle¹s day of giving where Seattle donors join with the area non-profits to do good.

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By popular demand, Pork Filled Productions will extend our script submission deadline to March 31st!  LAST CALL FOR SCRIPTS! 
Pork Filled Productions is calling for submissions for our new play reading festival Unleashed: New Pulp Stories for the 21st Century. The festival runs October 30, 2017 through November 4, 2017 at Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle, WA.

If you have a play (or are writing one) that tells a thrilling, larger-than-life tale, that uses recognizable genre tropes in inventive new ways, Pork Filled Productions might produce it. The goal of Unleashed: New Pulp Stories of the 21st Century is to give playwrights of color the opportunity to let loose their imaginations. We want to unleash stories that will make our audiences lean forward in their seats in anticipation, or send shivers up their spines in terror, or make their pulses pound with excitement. ​We want to make some fun theater! 

Plays are not required to have specifically diverse casts or racial themes; however, Pork Filled Productions is dedicated to casting all of our shows with at least 51% actors of color, so please keep that in mind when considering your submissions.
​Below is a brief list of key information followed by submission guidelines. If you ​have any questions, please email We are very excited to read your play! Thank you!
The Pork Filled Productions Producers!
Key info:
– Deadline for submissions – ​ NEW DEADLINE: MARCH 31st, 2017
– Send plays to –
– Questions? –
– Festival dates – Monday, October 30, 2017 through Saturday, November 4, 2017
– Festival location – Theatre Off Jackson, Seattle, WA

Submission guidelines:
​1 – ​We are looking for short plays (10-20 minutes), one acts (30-45 minutes), and full length plays (90+ minutes) by playwrights of color. Note: Partial scripts will be considered with submission of 10-15 completed pages and a detailed synopsis/outline of the play.
2 – ​We are specifically seeking bold,​ imaginative new work in genres such as noir, science fiction, fantasy, horror, exploration, action adventure, or any mashup in-between.
3 – ​All plays will receive workshop sessions, including dramaturgical support if so desired, as well as a public staged reading in our festival.
4 – ​All submitted plays will be considered for a full production by Pork Filled Productions.
5 – ​Deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2017. All submissions will receive a reply by April 30, 2017.
6 – ​Only emailed submissions will be considered. Please submit all materials as attachments in MS Word or PDF format to
7 – Playwrights may make multiple submissions, but plays must not have had a stage production at the time of submission. Readings and workshops are not considered productions.​
8 – While PFP is primarily an Asian American theatre company, this festival is open to all playwrights of color. 
9 – ​Local writers from the Pacific Northwest are strongly encouraged to submit.

PFP Snags Six Gypsy Nominations From Seattle Theatre Reviewers

Seattle theatre critics honor the best in local theatre with the annual Gypsy Rose Lee Awards and Pork Filled Productions has received six nominations for 2016 from this alliance of print and on-line reviewers.

Jostling with the likes of both the Seattle Repertory and fellow fringe level groups like Theatre 22, PFP’s nominations span acting, writing and design, and include:

  • Excellence in Production of a Play (Small theatre):
    A Hand of Talons, Pork Filled Productions
  • Excellence in Performance in a Play as a Lead Actor (Female): (Small theatre):
    Stephanie Kim-Bryan – A Hand of Talons (Pork Filled Productions)
  • Excellence in Set Design: (Small theatre)
    Brandon Estrella – A Hand of Talons (Pork Filled Productions)
  • Excellence in Costume Design: (Small theatre)
    Jocelyne Fowler – A Hand of Talons (Pork Filled Productions)
  • Excellence in Lighting Design: (Small theatre)
    Tess Malone – A Hand of Talons (Pork Filled Productions)
  • Excellence in Local Playwriting:
    Maggie Lee – A Hand of Talons (Pork Filled Productions)

Winners will be announced January  ​27 , 2017.

Jocelyne Fowler and PFP Wins Outstanding Costume Design for A Hand of Talons

Please join us in congratulating longtime PFP collaborator Jocelyne Fowler for winning the 2016 Gregory Award for Outstanding Costume Design for A Hand of Talons! This is the first Gregory win for a PFP show, and we are so thrilled that Jocelyne was recognized for her incredible steampunk design work!
Photo by Kyoko Matsumoto
The entire PFP team was out and about for the Eighth Annual Gregory Awards, held on October 24 at McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center. Sponsored by Theatre Puget Sound, the Gregorys celebrate excellence in local Puget Sound theatre, and we were honored to be nominated in two categories: Outstanding Costume Design for A Hand of Talons and Outstanding New Play for The Tumbleweed Zephyr. It was an amazing evening shared with the Seattle theatre community, and we feel so humbled and grateful to be included in among the many talented nominees.