The Clockwork Professor (2013)

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The World Premiere of a new play by Maggie Lee.

The Play

Wind up your gears, polish your best goggles, and fire up your airship for a smashing adventure this summer! Pork Filled Productions is proud to present The Clockwork Professor, a world premiere play by Maggie Lee, directed by Amy Poisson (These Streets), at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S., Seattle), from July 12 to August 3, 2013.

Professor Pemberton is a humble inventor, a quiet man of science. As political unrest sweeps over the great city of New Providence, buried secrets from his past threaten to destroy everything that he holds dear, and perhaps even the Crown itself! From romance to royal airships to roving inter-dimensional portals, come join The Clockwork Professor on this action-packed adventure of fantastical science fiction with a steampunk twist!

The Cast

Radio Announcer — Melissa Slaughter
Lady Sophia/Sophie Park — Ana Maria Campoy
Dr. Balthazar Higgins — Phillip Keiman
Professor Seamus Pemberton — Brad Walker
Matilda James — Narea Kang
Lawrence Howell — Randall Brammer
Mr. Jervis — Karissa Samples
Mr. Sullivan — Sascha Streckel
Jin Rubik — Moses Yim
Additional voice recording: Julie Hoang, Kathy Hsieh, Dorcas Lewis, and cast

The Crew

Written by: Maggie Lee
Directed by: Amy Poisson
Stage managed by: Jason Drew Panzer
Assistant stage managed by: Rebekah Boroughs
Light board operator: Dani Dodge
Dramaturge: Daniel Rector
Sets & props designer: Robin Macartney
Lighting designer: David Baldwin
Sound designer: Johanna Melamed
Costume designer: Samantha Armitage
Costume assistant: Carmen Olmedo
Composer: Admiral YRN
Movement choreographer: Juliet Waller Pruzan
Fight captain: Randall Brammer
Poster design: Phil Foglio, with Kaja Foglio and Cheyenne Wright
Logo design: Beth Hammer
Production photography: Joe Iano Photography
Production assistant: Kathy Hsieh
Producers: Narea Kang, Maggie Lee, May Nguyen and Roger Tang

The Press

bbbb“But what they do have going for them is an original story by Maggie Lee that is at the same time funny and fascinating…Ably directed by Poisson the show never bogs itself down or becomes stayed. I would have liked a bit more in the over the top melodrama aspect as well as a division between the two worlds inhabiting the play but it’s a minor point in a very fun show.”
— Broadway World Seattle

1078596_600276609994169_875090714_o“Directed by Amy Poisson, this world premiere of The Clockwork Professor brings local playwright Maggie Lee’s science fiction a la steampunk play to charming realization…This isn’t ethnic theatre. It’s just fine theatre. So, if you have any interest in science fiction, or you just want something a bit different, give this a try.”
— Seattle Artsstage-Seattlerage

“Thdddde script itself is dynamite, telling a massive story in a very concise way. What I loved most about The Clockwork Professor is that there are incredibly tender moments — amidst almost non-stop action — that do not feel forced or misplaced. We understand from the beginning that there are love connections but the action doesn’t stop in order to illustrate what is so obviously there. This is a very intricate balance that is done with brilliance thanks to great direction by Amy Poisson and the strong backbone of a script.”
— Copious Love Productions

202691_598716586816838_125525559_oThe Clockwork Professor is earnest and good-natured and even a little subversive…”
— The Stranger


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